New Reality for Liberland

What is New Reality

We are building open community aiming to create projects connecting Virtual / Augmented reality with Internet of Things.

We are looking for enthusiasts who would like to help us create new worlds and services in VR:  developers,  designers, engineers… everyone can join,  learn and share experience.


We believe in decentralized society, economic and social freedom. We support open-source projects, crypto-currencies and blockchain movement.

That is why we share and support Liberland vision.


Our proposition:

To create 3D presentation of Liberland in Virtual Reality.

Let´s discuss our ideas and ways to make them work in VR.




If you want to join us or ask us how can we help you create your own presentation or project in Virtual reality,  send us a message:

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Bitcoin donation:  11r118H2Qv4oHfjFuJnuU8GZHGNqwEH9e 

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