Bitcoin simple machine

Bitcoin machine / Bitcoin terminal

Simple cashier terminal, which accepts payments in Bitcoin. Can be used to receive Bitcoin payments in shops, restaurants, bars and other brick-and-mortar businesses. Light, portable, easy to operate.
Hardware components:
Raspberry Pi – Small and portable 1-chip computer
Performance comparable to weaker desktop PCs
Includes HDMI for monitor and USB ports for mouse and keyboard
Nextion – HMI Lcd TFT modul of intelligent display (320×240)
Comes with integrated touchscreen
4M FLASH memory which stores it’s own script code and graphics

Product or service included in Simple BTC machine can have many forms, such as:
– PoS system in shops
– Payment processor for vending machines
– Payment processor for ticket machines
– Paid access system
– BTC alert an chart

*Such as automatic release of product, print of ticket, opening a door, lightning a light, unlocking any kind of access…
Simple BTC machine was designed with maximum flexibility in mind. It works well with Internet of Things and thus can communicate with any device connected to Internet.



How to use Simple BTC machine:

Cyberpunk prototype version of Simple BTC Machine:
(instagram photo)


Customer or staff selects item (product or service A-F)
on a touchpad:


Machine updates current exchange rate for BTC
and generates QR code:

Customers pays (generally with bitcoin wallet in his mobile app).

Machine verifies new transcaction, validating sum, date and time and proceeds with confirmation (or another action).
This may take up to 1 minute.

Software solution:
Bitcoin (BTC) – Digital cryptocurrency
Based on Open source software and peer-to-peer network
Alike other currencies, bitcoin is not based on trust in it’s issuer and regulators
Python – Core code is written in Python, high-level programming language | Offers dynamic control of data types, supports various programming paradigms including object-oriented, imperative, procedural or functional
GitHub – Part of the code is available on GitHub
Web service supporting software development
Uses versing tool called Git
Offers free webhosting for open source projects
Blockchain – Public ledger (or database) which contains every transaction on Bitcoin network (or other cryptocurrencies)
Blockchain is used to verify bitcoin transactions and amount of BTC held by particular bitcoin address


2016/10 – History:


Basic principle and alpha version of Simple BTC terminal:

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