3D printer 3DWARF is a magician in the world of fulfilling the dreams. It enables you to make your dreams true and it can also print them in the slightest detail and of course in 3D.

This printer has been tailor made for smaller enterprises as well as individual users. It is a dwarf when it comes to size and price. Therefore it is easy to store and transport and it isn’t expensive. What it lags in size, it offsets by its skills in 3D printing.

DWARF can simply do a great things

DLP printing process

3DWARF belongs to the group of so called DLP technology. It hardens thin layers of the resin one by one according to the desired shape using the UV rays.

3Dwarf can print the very small details by consequential hardening of very thin layers. Therefore it can print also complicated structures and hollow shapes, which would be a problem for ordinary 3D printer.

Therefore it is ideal for producers of prototypes, design accessories as well as for printing some parts of a bigger object, which were damaged or broken away, etc.

Although this 3D printer can print just single color objects, there is a large assortment of individual colors.




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Easy control

The printer can be controlled by a single button on a large touchscreen. The whole process is simple and fully automated.

Control without PC connection

You don’t need a PC to control our printer. You can easily upload the 3D model including your settings also from the USB Flash Disk.

Internet control

The printer can be controlled using your smartphone, tablet or web browser. Moreover, you can check and adjust your settings during the print process.



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